Natural Distilled Rose Water-120 mL | ماء الورد

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Natural Distilled Rose Water-120 mL

Distilled rose water
The rose water is extracted by distilling the natural Moroccan roses, i.e. boiling the water, placing the rose leaves in it, then closing it completely, and then extracting the natural distilled rose water.

Benefits of rose water for the skin
It is used to soothe the skin as it helps reduce redness and irritation
Great anti-aging and for science, it is included in many cosmetics that aim to fight wrinkles
It contains skin antiseptic properties against bacteria
It is used to cleanse the pores of the skin as it is considered a good choice for removing excess oils from the face and toning the pores
A treatment for eye problems and fatigue, as well as wrinkles and dark circles in them, as it is effective in calming tiredness, fatigue and redness of the eye

Benefits of rose water for oily skin
Maintains the pH level of oily skin by helping to balance the disorder by restoring the pH levels in the skin to normal.
Treats acne
Reduces bags under the eyes
It works as a mask for the skin as it can be applied alone on the skin as a mask or mixed with moisturizers or natural oils

How to use rose water
It has several methods of use, as you can mix it with Moroccan clay and make a face mask, as well as mix it with any face mask.

You can put a few drops of it on a cotton ball and leave it on the eye for 15 minutes. This is a great way to actually treat eye fatigue and dark circles.


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