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Moroccan Body Scrub Glove | الليفة المغربية

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A pure Moroccan product, and it is considered one of the most important Moroccan bath tools, it is extracted and manufactured from tree fibers in the Moroccan city of Fez and is modified so that it is used for bathing in popular and municipal baths, and it has been used in Morocco since the time of the Romans and has many names, including: Moroccan fiber - Moroccan loofah - Al Mahkat - bag - Sloths
The benefits of Moroccan fiber
It works to exfoliate and scrub the body
It works to unify the color of the skin and lighten it
It removes the dead skin layer from the body
Get rid of dead cells from the body
It removes toxic fats from the body
Peeling and scrubbing with Moroccan fiber helps to unify the color of the body's complexion and lighten it
The problem of hair growth under the skin, "goose skin", is treated with body peeling

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